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With prevention at the heart of what we do, we aim to find and address the sources of mental health problems so that people and communities can thrive. 

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We at golden visison society have been conducting various programs and events for mental health counseling.

Buddhanilkantha Secondary School

The oldest school of Buddhanilkantha Municipality providing 1000 of students with quality education and adaptation of modern learning module has invited Golden Vision Society to take counseling session on Mental Health and Psychosocial issue for the Grade 10 students. The event was fully supported b...

Dhurbatara English School

In collaboration with Buddhanilkantha Municipality Ward-3, Golden Vision Society organized Mental. Health and Psychosocial support program to students of grade 8, 9 and 10. The participant’s students. solved their own queries after the session. They were able to distinguished good and unhealthy frie...

Funded by Kumari Bank Ltd.

Shree Balkumari Secondary School grade 8 students are given Mental health awareness program. Students are keen to identify emerging issues of mental health scenario and very participatory.The program successfully completed with support of Kumari Bank n school management.

Literacy program in collaboration with KMC Ward 3

Mental Health Orientation program attended by Chief Guest Mr Prem Thapa (Director of Ward 3) and representative Ward Members along with grade 11 students of Shivapuri Higher Secondary School. Focusing on government school is our effort to try and balance the economic level as poverty is rising world...

Khadgayogini Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd

GVS Celebrating World Suicide Prevention Day 2022 @ Khadgayogini Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd, Sankhu.

Bajrabarahi Secondary School

This school was estb in 2011 BS during Panchayat regime. It is one of the oldest school of Tistung-Thaha munocipality. The school is running +2 level and government has funded them with latest technology of computer lab. Grade 12 was enroll with 55 students and they showed eagerness on Mental Health...

Sunaula Ma Vi, Tistung

Counseling and orientation programs to students of grade 9 and 10 influence GVS to dig our purpose to lower secondary school as well. Students have stigma and worries:to overcome it GVS program has helped them a lot. Total participation of 50 students and teachers motivated us to continue our strugg...

Rotary Club of Yala.

With the motive to spread awareness to rotarians the program of healthy living with happy mind was conducted by GVS. There was an interesting interaction between counselor and rotarians. Many thanks to rotarians members for the opportunity

Shivapuri Secondary School, Kathmandu

With the participation of 105 students of grade 11 from Shivapuri Secondari School orientation program was successfully conducted at Baluwatar,Kathmandu. Professional counselor Mr Bipin Thapa took the session who demonstrate on value of life and positive thoughts. As per Mr Thapa research;in every 2...

GVS at Birendra Ma. Bi.-Sailung, Dolakha

Birendra Ma. Bi. is a well organised government co- school of Sailung Rural Municipality.It was established in 2016 BS. As per the conversation with Principle, Mr. Khemraj Bhattarai, students get Rs 400 from the school as per government policy as a scholarship and rest has to be bear by guardian.Du...

One day mental health orientation at Durga Ma Bi - Dolakha

Sailung Sub Municipality comes under Dolakha District; is one of the underdeveloped areas in terms of economy, infrastructure and transportation. We cover one of the oldest schools of this sub municipality for our informative session regarding mental health to +2 students. Shree Durga Madhayamic Bid...

GVS with FONNJ and ASHA PROJECT at Dolakha

Collaboration work with FONNJ and ASHA PROJECT to Donate Stationaries for 94 students from Nursery to Grade 5 of Durga Madhyamik Bidhyalaya, Sailung Gaupalika, Maga Deurali Dolakha.

Golden Vision Society at Dhadhing

With 92 students from Commerce Stream,the program is successfully conducted at Nilkantha Secondary School. All the students were eager to learn about the new topic MENTAL HEALTH. They promise to be "Helping Hand" for depressed, anxiety and lonely people around them.

CP School

Affiliated to Tribhuwan University -CP School, Science Stream actively participated in the orientation programme of Living with Healthy Mind leads to Successful Life.

Budhanilkantha Chetansil Aama Samuha

Far from the city life, Buddhanilkantha municipality with 107918(CBS2011) population holds pride of different cultures and peaceful environment. GVS motivated Buddhanilkantha Chetansil Aama Samuha with information, exercises and joy.

GVS at Hetauda

Pragati Secondary School is one of the oldest schools of Hetauda -9, Makwanpur district. Morethan 174 students from grade 11 & 12 entertained the orientation programme. They were delighted to know about mental health causes, issues and remedies ie"Sharing is Caring"

Pariwartan Aama Samuha

The orientation programme was conducted in Church of Pashupatinagar, Hetauda-9. All the members were serious and delighted to know about the consequences of mental issues and remedies to solicit with care.

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